Mark A. Warhola
CEO, LTS Academy

NRA-Certified Instructor

Mark Warhola has been an avid hunter and shooter for more than 40 years. He's also a longtime a collector of firearms of all types and vintages, and a passionate safety advocate. His extensive experience encompasses handling all types of guns, from revolvers and semiautomatic pistols to shotguns, rifles and others.

A Pittsburgh native who holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Pittsburgh, Warhola recently left a long and successful career in corporate sales to establish LTS Academy.

Noting the tremendous surge in gun sales over the past several years and realizing that many purchasers were looking for opportunities to learn more about the firearms they were buying, he changed careers in 2016, tested for and was awarded Instructor Certification by the National Rifle Association (NRA), and opened LTS Academy.

Before long, his two-day class, which offers one-on-one instruction and coaching (mainly for for beginning shooters) customized to each student's needs and interests, was in demand.

In addition to teaching about safety and helping students develop and enhance their skills at a private shooting range, Warhola familiarizes them with a variety of guns, all from his personal collection.

"I tell them, don't buy or borrow a gun to take my class," he says. "Use mine. That way, you'll get a feel for handling different firearmsand, together, we'll determine what's the most appropriate gun or guns for your needs so you're an educated customer."

He says this knowledge is essential. "I see people rushing to a gun store and buying a gun without a strong understanding of what kind of gun is best suited to their needs," he says. "So I ask my students why they're taking my class. Is it because they want to hunt or become a good target shooter? Is it to qualify for a school marksmanship team? Is it to better protect yourself?"



Warhola learned how to shoot as a youngster when he accompanied his father and older brother on hunting trips. They were his initial teachers, and he says he learned a great deal from them. They always emphasized safety, too. Over the years, Warhola himself became an expert marksman. He's continuing the family tradition by teaching his teenage son, Matthew, to shoot. "He's become really good," says Warhols. "And he handles guns in a very safe manner."

In his previous corporate life, Warhola traveled extensively throughout the U.S., meeting with clients, attending trade shows and negotiating deals. He recalls those years as being a wonderful experience, "but they were accompanied by two huge downsides," he says. "The road was tiring and it often meant being separated from my wife and son for several days at at time."

With LTS Academy now open for busines ,Warhola is excited about the opportunity to share his extensive firearms knowledge with so many people who are now seeking it.

The students range from teenagers to men and women who want to learn the basics or even sharpen their skills.

To learn more about our program and to schedule your personalized class, contact LTS Academy at 724-316-2836.


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