Courses Offered

• Guns are provided for use during all courses.
• Mark Warhola, CEO, personally teaches all courses.
• All courses take place at a private range.
• A Certificate of Completion is provided to each student
• Call 724-316-2836 to schedule your session.

Introduction to Firearms
Classroom and range, 3 hours
Students learn fundamentals related to all types of guns. Shooting experience includes one pistol and one rifle.
Tuition: $149 per student*

Basic Pistol Course
Classroom and range, 3 hours
Students learn pistol fundamentals. Shooting experience is limited to various types of pistols.
Tuition: $99 per student*

Introduction to Long Gun Shooting
Classroom and range, 90 minutes
Students learn shooting fundamentals related to shotguns and rifles.
Tuition: $99 per student*

"Fun to Shoot" Miitary Arms
Range, 90 minutes
Enjoy a rare opportunity to shoot a real AK-47, M1 Garand and Colt AR-15 under the close supervision and with coaching by CEO Mark Warhola.
Tuition: $49 per student*

Long-Range Shooting
Range, 90 minutes

Learn to shoot with more accuracy at longer distances using a gun-mounted scope. Prerequisite: Introduction to Long Gun Shooting.
Tuition: $49 per student*

Purchasing Your Gun
Should you decide to purchase a gun after taking one or more of the above courses, Mark Warhola will acompany you to a firearms store or dealer to help you select a gun that is appropriate for your needs. As we do not sell guns at LTS Academy, this is a service we're glad to offer.
Fee: $25

* An additional fee (generally $10–20 dollars) applies to cover the cost of ammunition, range fees and targets.

About LTS Academy

In the past few years, gun sales have been on the rise. The Washington Times reports that, in 2015, the FBI conducted more than 23 million background checks on firearms purchasers, up from the previous record of 21 million set in 2013. That equates to 44 background checks per minute. LTS Academy, LLC offers a variety of courses designed to help you better understand guns, shoot more accurately and handle guns with the utmost safety.

Mark Warhola, a lifelong avid hunter, elite shooter and firearms safety expert, has owned and shot scores of firearms over the past 40 years. He has long been a passionate advocate of handling, shooting, transporting, and storing firearms with the utmost safety.

In addition, he has informally taught countless friends and acquaintances to improve their shooting skills and to shoot with greatly increased accuracy. Always, he makes it a priority to stress safe firearms handling and responsible ownership.

In recent years, as firearms accidents have been increasingly featured in the news media, Warhola realized a major need for the public to better understand how to use their guns AND how to handle and store them.

After investing considerable time undergoing extensive testing and earning a number of key instructor certifications, including accreditation from the National Rifle Association, he established LTS (Learn to Shoot) Academy in the Pittsburgh area.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who may take these classes?
    Men, women and children age 12 and older will benefit from our unique classes, which have been specifically designed to teach beginners how to understand the different types of guns available, safely handle firearms and shoot with accuracy.

  • Can intermediate-level shooters participate?
    Yes. Although our clasess are primarily for beginners, intermediate shooters will learn valuable information while also refining their skills and improving their accuracy.

  • Are these classes appropriate for children?
    Yes. We believe teaching all of our students, regardless of age, how to use, shoot and own firearms safely and responsible. Younger students will benefit in myriad ways; for example, improving their skills as members of their school’s marksmanship teams, and enhancing their enjoyment of shooting sports when they accompany their parents to the range. One of our recent teenage students plans to attend West Point Academy, and our class has already provided him with skills and confidence.

  • Do you teach many women?
    Yes! Especially with a growing awareness of the need for self-defense, women (along with many men) are increasingly becoming first-time gun buyers. Thosewho don’t have previous experience handling and shooting guns are seeking opportunities to learn. By taking our classes, you’ll will learn not only how to shoot and use firearms safely, but also explore what type of gun (of the many available) is the most appropriate for your needs. A recent trend among gun manufacturers is marketing guns that are aesthetically attractive and allegedly “just for women.” To be candid, a “pretty” gun is not necessarily the most effective or appropriate one for your needs. We’ll gladly help you select the right firearm(s) for your needs.

  • How will I benefit from taking this class?
    As a result of your participation in this program, you will learn about the various types of firearms available and which best address your specific needs. You will become extremely shooting- and safety-savvy, confident in your abilities and equipped with an understanding that enables you to enjoy shooting sports and responsibly buy, own and use firearms for both sport and self-defense.

  • Who teaches the class?
    All instruction is personally provided by Mark Warhola, founder and CEO of LTS Academy. Students at LTS Academy benefit from Warhola’s 40-plus years of experience as a shooter and firearms safety advocate.

  • What does the class entail?
    Over a two-day period, Warhola will teach you how to own and use firearms in a safe and responsible manner. If you’re a first-time shooter, he’ll ask you a few questions regarding what you wish to acoomplish by taking the class.

    He’ll then provide you with considerable "hands-on" experience shooting a diverse variety of firearms from his personal collection under his close supervision, at a private range.

    Should you be interested in purchasing a gun following the class, Warhola will recommend the types of guns that are right for you, based on your interests and needs.
  • Is it necessary to have previous firearms handling or shooting experience?
    No. Through LTS' unique, proprietary one-on-one private approach to education, Warhola personally explains to his students--men, women and teenagers who are just beginning to shoot--the wide variety of firearms available.

  • Will I need to bring a gun to class?
    No. During the hands-on portion of our unique, two-day class, you will have the opportunity to load, shoot and handle a variety of guns of all types from Warhola’s vast collection. extensive hands-on experience shooting a variety of firearms from Mr. Warhola’s extensive collection.

  • Will I need to buy a firearm to take the class?
    No. In fact, quite the opposite. Warhola encourages first-time students to WAIT until you take our introductory course before purchasing a firearm. He’ll ask you questions related to your needs and interests. By answering these questions he, in turn, can then recommend the right firearm for the right purpose.

    It’s imperative that you find the right gun that fits your needs. so as part of our class, you will be able to try a whole array of firearms before you buy one! It makes perfect sense! Nobody buys a car without test-driving first. Nobody buys shoes without trying them on first. So why buy a gun first and then learn how to shoot?  

  • Will you advise me regarding the firearm(s) I should purchase?
    Yes. Although we don’t sell firearms, as an additional service, Warhola will go "gun shopping" with you to help you make the appropriate purchase. This helps avoid gun store salesperson who may try to sell you a firearm just because it’s on sale (or has a pretty pink handle!)

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